About Me

I am meticulously concerned with details and have an ability to visualise live events even at concept stage. I perceive spaces dynamically, making me skilled at anticipating audience flow, foreseeing infrastructure layout and problem solving creative installations even from the get go. I have a technical approach to creativity that enables me to facilitate a whole idea, from concept, to delivery, to experience.

Having worked in Live Events for nearly twenty years I have a common sense approach to management that only experience can bring. I have good communication and risk management skills, and can effectively manage event logistics and operational plans, even while working simultaneously across projects.

I have led on promoting, curating and devising art shows and tours across the UK and Europe, as well as producing and exhibiting my own art work throughout. I love all forms of creative arts and get great satisfaction from producing diverse and interesting shows. I deeply believe that shared collective experience can bring true happiness into peoples lives, and I commit my life to making such events happen.

With a Degree in Creative Industries I also have a wider social and economic understanding of the events business.